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A Member You Should Know

A Member You Should Know

Lauren Hedenshoug MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Lauren Hedenshoug is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Field Medical Educator in Medical Affairs at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Lauren provides Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Short Bowel Syndrome disease state education to health care providers and updates from medical conferences.  Thereby serving as a resource to HCPs, which enhances their underlying knowledge base, to assist in decision making for patients. Lauren also serves on the ISAPN Board as Region 7 Chair. Lauren shared the following information about herself.

I became an FNP in 2007. After spending seven years as an RN, I was constantly driven to learn more about disease state, anatomy and pharmacology. This drive prompted me to advance my education. During my graduate studies I found my passion as a Nurse Practitioner, graduating as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2007. After graduating I worked in pain management and addiction. I have always felt that my work with this underserved population was incredibly rewarding.

Educating other NPs on focused disease state education has given me a sense of empowerment.  Throughout the US, many communities have few live specialty educational programs to provide learning opportunities and the ability to network with peers within specialty groups. I love connecting new NPs with seasoned NPs in their specialty. It helps increase their knowledge base and confidence by improving the lives of their patients.

Healthcare is ever-changing. Lauren had this to say about how changes in healthcare affected her career path, “When I became an NP, myself, as well as many of my Nurse Practitioner colleagues, worked directly in family practice. Over the last decade, the need has grown for NPs in all specialties. Nurse Practitioners are graduating at higher rates and joining specialty practices right out of school. This has increased the need for individualized and specialty education. Several years ago, I recognized the need to educate on specialty medicine now more than ever, which prompted me to transition into my current role.”

Lauren is an active member of ISAPN. She shared, “I joined ISAPN as a student in 2005. My experience and opportunities have changed throughout the years of practicing as an NP.  ISAPN has allowed me to: network into different career paths, keep up to date on state legislation, connect with IL NPs, obtain CEUs and enhance my awareness of the importance of our practice.”

When asked what advice she would share with new APRNs, Lauren said, “Stay connected, stay educated and stay aware of the changes that are soon to take place. This is our time! Joining ISAPN will empower you to succeed in our profession.”


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