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Boot Camp
Have you heard about ISAPN's Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a one-day program designed to provide graduating APRN students with practical information to help them get started in their practice.  Participants receive information not covered in school, giving them a "leg up" upon graduation.  It really is a must-attend for APRNs nearing graduation or even practicing APRNs who are considering a career change!

Upcoming dates:
April 30, 2013 Rockford - additional details under events/calendar - 2014 Education Programs

What topics are covered?

Transitioning from RN to APN - learn about the challenges of being a new APRN, common misunderstandings about APRNs and the "Queen Bee Syndrome".  Also, learn a few strategies to make the transition easier.

Interviewing Skills - know what to expect when interviewing for an APRN position, some typical questions and 6 common mistakes to avoid.  Be prepared and know what you want before the interview.

Contract Formation and Negotiation - uncover 4 common myths about negotiation and how to respond to tactics like "good guy/bad guy".  Know what preparation is needed to negotiate your best deal and what's in a good contact, especially for APRNs.

Malpractice Issues - Learn about "proving the standard of care" in malpractice cases, compensable damages, policies to avoid the charge of "failure to communicate findings" and when negligent referral is applicable.

Reimbursement 101 - Know why APRNs must be personally involved with their reimbursement policies, the need for equitable reimbursement policies and how to address them.  Learn a few differences between Medicaid, Medicare and commercial insurances with APRN reimbursement - and why you should bill under your own license/number!

The Nurse Practice Act - Do you have a 2-minute explanation of what an APRN does?  Get one here!  Also learn what the Nurse Practice Act says about scope of practice and step-by-step discussion of licensure requirements.


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