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2019 Candidates for ISAPN Board of Directors

The election for the ISAPN Officers, Directors and Representatives will be held online September 12th thru September 26th.

The election will be conducted electronically. Watch your email and this website for additional details.

All terms are for two years. 2019 ISAPN slate of candidates are presented in alphabetical order by position.



 April Odom

  I am seeking to serve as Vice-President of ISAPN. I have been actively involved since I was a student, I am the current CNP representative and a member of several committees so I am eager to remain a contributor to the board and the organization. As we enter our future as full practice APRN’s, I plan to continue to support the goals of ISAPN, by being an asset to the APRN’s in the State, promote initiatives to increase and retain members and advocate for our profession.  
Andy Tracy

   Thank you for reading my candidate statement. I have served as ISAPN Treasurer since the position became vacant last year and feel I have done an excellent job in the position of Treasurer. Previously, I served on the ISAPN finance committee prior to being appointed as Treasurer and I have served on other state and national committees and boards. I would like to continue my service as Treasurer to the IL Society for Advanced Practice Nursing to ensure it maintains its strong financial position while supporting the diverse needs of our members in their unique practice settings while maintaining cost effectiveness for the society. I am an advocate for financial transparency and accountability which ISAPN has demonstrated repeatedly and it is why I volunteered to serve the ISAPN. As Treasurer, I will continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the ISAPN. In this role I bring a broad and diverse leadership experience which will be used with members and staff to create innovative, collaborative solutions. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Patty Hess

  Greetings.  My name is Patty Hess and I have been a member of ISAPN for several years.  While attending the University of St. Francis in Joliet,  one expectation of the class was to participate in any ISAPN region meeting.  It was that first meeting in Peoria where I was able to network with APRNs and learn the history.  Because of that one meeting, I was motivated to join ISAPN as a student member.  After receiving my Post Master's FNP, I decided it was time to become a committee member, therefore joined the Program Committee.    Two years ago, I became the Program Committee Chair.  The first year was a learning curve, but I had (and currently have) a lot of support.  I felt we were able to provide ISAPN members with high quality educational programs.  The second year brought a better understanding of my role on the Board and moving ISAPN forward.    I am ready to continue to serve a second term as the Program Committee Chair.  I want to ensure ISAPN continues to offer our members quality programs that meets (or exceeds) your expectations.  Also as a board member, I want to represent you as ISAPN moves forward toward independent practice.    Thank you.            

Debra Lowrance

   I am finishing my first 2 year term as a CNM representative and have enjoyed it immensely. I have a strong interest in continuing to be involved as much as I can with ISAPN. I have served on the program committee and have been a speaker at many events. I would like the opportunity to fulfill another 2 year term. 

Bridget A Hannum 
   I have been a Nurse Practitioner for the past 18 years working in a variety of settings. This experience has allowed me to witness the implementation of the role of the Nurse Practitioner within many different practices. Given my interest in the advancing our profession, I have been a ready participant in ISAPN since becoming a Nurse Practitioner in 2001. My research area of focus was related to Nurse Practitioner Job Satisfaction and the impact of Nurse Practice Act. I have served in many capacities including Region #2 chairperson and Government Relations Chair, Vice Chair and Government Relations member. It has prepared me well to participate in this vital organization. Over the past year, I explored other professional opportunities requiring an additional time commitment resulting in time away from participation beyond simply membership. Now, I am excited to reignite my deep passion for advancing our profession. Although my prior advocacy focused on all members of ISAPN, I now would like to concentrate my efforts on Nurse Practitioners concerns.

Maria Jefferson-Walker

   My name is Maria Jefferson-Walker, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, and I would like to be considered for the CNP Representative board position with ISAPN.  I am a visionary, excited about unlimited possibilities, empowering professional nurses to maximize autonomy through persistence and perseverance.  I am a passionate educator, mentor, and consultant resulting in leaders and entrepreneurs in healthcare.  As a leader in healthcare I own and operate a private practice utilizing the Direct Primary Care Model.  I started a private Facebook group, Nurse Practitioners in Direct Primary Care (DPC), a resource hub that supports NPs as entrepreneurs utilizing the model.  To date there are 1K members in the group from across the country.  As a doctoral student I started the work in order to get NPs recognized in scholarly literature as providers/owners of DPC practices.  It is my goal to continue to empower APRNs to become entrepreneurs by increasing awareness of the Direct Primary Care Model, a model that allows APRNs to practice within their scope of practice, increases access to care, and improves patient outcomes.  

 Elizabeth Wengel

  My name is Elizabeth Wengel and I am seeking the position of CNP Representative.    I am an active ISAPN member, Region 2, and have been a Family Nurse Practitioner since 2009 having received a DNP from Rush University in Chicago. Currently I am employed as a member of the Academic Faculty at Chamberlain University, Chicago campus and also work as a Nurse Practitioner with Paragon Clinical LLC.    The dual role of serving as a educator and a practicing clinician has enabled me to see educational and practice opportunities as well as the challenges that our profession faces. I plan to use this knowledge to identify opportunities for professional growth for Nurse Practitioners and I enthusiastically endorse full practice authority.     I look forward to working with the members of ISAPN!         

Maximilian Button

  I intend to serve as a Region 1 Chair and promote the advanced practice nursing profession to the best of my ability. I intend to support and educate my fellow APRN colleagues in every way I can. This is my first time running for such a position and I hope I will meet ISAPN’s expectations and will not disappoint my colleagues.

Deb Myers

  I am a veteran NP with knowledge to share and a desire to keep learning.  I have provided patient care in a variety of settings, have mentored NP students, and have provided education to patients and healthcare staff.  I have served as Region 3 Vice Chair with Janet Collopy, and am now willing to serve as Region 3 Chair.  I am willing to work as a team member with the ISAPN board, and update and set up education for APRNs in Region 3.  
Melissa Bogle
I would truly enjoying assisting advanced practice registered nurses as the Region 5 Representative.  I would communicate frequently and succinctly with the APRNs in Region 5 to ensure they have the most current information regarding practice issues. I would also seek to fully represent the Region 5 APRNs' concerns on the Board of Directors. My background and experience have given me the skills necessary to fulfill this position. 

Dawn Diaz Saldano
  I seek the position of Chairperson to be involve at a different level in our profession as it continues to evolve.  I have been a member of our organization for more than 10 years.  I have benefited from the many programs and policy driven activities ISAPN have done for the APRN of Illinois.  I want to help provide support for new APRNs in the form of programs of interest. I would like to see more pediatric APRN program offered in conjunction with adult care programs.  I have held different leadership position over the length of my career as a Registered Nurse and as an Advance Practice Registered Nurse in the hospital setting.  I have volunteered on my local school board committee and at the local school. I would proud to serve as Chairperson for Region 7.    
Lauren Hedenschoug
  Current Region 7 Chair  I have reestablished our Region 7 through meetings this past year. I plan to continue this into the next 2 years.  My goal is to reconnect the Region 7 community through this unique time in NP history of FPA. I have seen the success in having private region meetings and monthly meetings to increase networking in our group.  I want to expand into other counties throughout Region 7 to increase NP awareness of the changes in the state legislator that directly affect our NP practice.  



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