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APRN Rules Posted

Tuesday, October 23, 2018   (4 Comments)
Posted by: Susan Swart

APRN Rules Posted

Dear Colleagues
The APRN rules have finally been posted for public comment. ISAPN has done a very high levelcursorylook and we are pleasantly surprised. Although we reserve the right to make a final judgement once we have completed our deep dive which includes a side by side comparison of the act and the rules, we believe that many of our concerns have been addressed.
For instance - there is no reference in the rules to a collaborating physician's name on a prescription written by an APRN. YEAH!


Here is what we know - All public comments must be received by November 26th.
Rules start on page 18179 of the October 12, 2018 Issue (42) of the Illinois Register. You can find a copy here
ISAPN is asking for a coordinated effort regarding the response to rules. We are asking for this for several reasons. First, we know that the more responses the department receives the longer the time frame will be before the 2nd Notice (or 2nd public comment period) begins and second, we know the election may bring about changes at IDFPR and the longer this process takes the more likely we are to see new staff replacing those who have already done the research and written the rules that are currently before us. If either of these things happen we will undoubtedly see a delay in implementing Full Practice Authority.
  • Read the Rules - please note italicized words are statute and cannot be changed.
  • Please send your comments/concerns to Susan Swart at by November 15th.
  • Should you decide to submit your comments directly to IDFPR per the instructions in the first notice -please send us a copy. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.
ISAPN will be submitting our comments on November 26th. We will also be asking the Illinois Coalition of Nursing Organizations (26 nursing organizations) to also submit comments based on our comments. This will give strength to our comments and show a unified nursing approach.
What is the Process?
The Illinois Administrative Procedure Act details the process. The General Assembly (GA) delegates to the executive branch state agencies authority to implement statutory law (Public Acts) via administrative law (rules/regulations). JCAR has oversight of the rulemaking process to insure that the agency rules do not exceed the authority that the GA has granted to the agency in statute.
First Notice begins when the proposed rules are published in the Illinois Register. The first notice period must continue for at least 45 days. IDFPR must respond to all comments they receive during first notice.
What is Second Notice? When IDFPR is ready to submit the rules for JCAR review, it will file the Second Notice documents. These documents include a summary of the rulemaking and any changes the agency made to its proposed during First Notice.
After JCAR accepts a Second Notice, the rulemaking is scheduled for consideration at a JCAR meeting within the next 45 days (the Second Notice period). JCAR and the affected agency may agree to extend the Second Notice period for that rulemaking for an additional 45 days to resolve remaining issues.


Susan Swart says...
Posted Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Hi Sharon, The 2nd posting is not complete. Advocacy portal has a linked to the Illinois Register which had the first posting.
Shanna Witges says...
Posted Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Is there any further update on this? Any idea on timeline when NP will be able to move forward on applying forward on applying for independent license? Is there a link you can refer us to with more information on how the proposed rules will look? Thanks, Shanna Witges FNP
Susan Swart says...
Posted Thursday, February 7, 2019
No this has been a rule for many out of date rule but a rule none the less. This requirement was removed from the proposed rules that are now moving through the process of adoption.
Marcella Cimino says...
Posted Thursday, February 7, 2019
A collegue of mine received a call yesterday from a Walgreen's pharmacy that her script could not be filled unless co signed by her collaborating physican. The pharmacist stated that the rules changed as of Jan 1, 2019. Is this true? Marcella Cimino, APN, CPNP


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